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Advantages of 3D Dynamic Laser System for Vinyl cutting 2020-3-22 18:21:53 1

Advantages of Unikonex 3D Dynamic CO2 Laser System for Vinyl film cutting

Vinyl films are widely used for sign and pattern making. To laser cut vinyl film is difficult due to the massive contamination of the laminated surface at high temperatures. Now Unikonex Laser Cutting has developed a laser cutting process to kiss cut vinyl cleanly. The laser offers many advantages when working with multilayer films: Several layers, such as backing, adhesive and top film, can be cut in one work step. Vinyl with adhesive back is applied to a material surface, We selectively peel the vinyl and leave the desired pattern on the surface.

Why work faster with the Unikonex 3D Dynamic CO2 Laser System than with a normal XY laser system and much more faster than with a knife cutting plotter?

Precisely equipped with 3D Dynamic axis system and an innovative Unikonex marking control system ensure precise and fast laser marking and cutting with Unikonex 3D Dynamic CO2 Laser systems. Unlike in cutting plotters, there is no material resistance when lasers are used. As a result, laser cutting is faster. Additionally, the laser beam does not need to be lifted or rotated as a knife tool of plotter. Another plus, Unikonex 3D Dynamic CO2 Laser systems is quick scan system without normal XY movement system, therefore Unikonex 3D Dynamic CO2 Laser systems is also much fast than normal XY laser machine.