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Finding The Right Laser Cutting Machine 2020-10-7 0:23:27 1

Topics for finding the right laser cutting machine for textile/fabric/garment/sportswear industry


This type of capital equipment expenditure is not a small deal, so buyer should know what to ask to find the right laser cutting machine.

Even though the laser cutting technology was introduced to the textile/fabric/garment market for many years. For most owner, buying a professional laser cutting machine is a major investment. It’s not just the initial price you pay, but the fact that the purchase will have a great impact on the entire manufacturing process. If the wrong equipment is chosen, you have to live with the decision for quite a long time.

Do you know the best way to go about purchasing a laser cutting machine? Even if you currently own one, how long ago did you buy it, and what has changed since then?

This guide should help you in making a capital purchase decision that will drive your manufacturing operations to new heights.

What’s the Application?

Perhaps the real question is, “Should I must buy a laser cutting machine?” For many reasons, investing in a different cutting system may make more sense for a company’s manufacturing activities. Investigating all available options can minimize any possible regrets in the future.

Depending on how is the production process to be as part of your business on digital printing dye sublimation for textile fabric garment application.  

A traditional auto cutter machine need big quantity order as input to initial the running with labor cost, its not suitable for small quantity order but multi-match business mode.

Auto cutter machine and the knife cutting system the cost higher than laser cutting machines, also the availability do not match the latest fast fashion business, for the features of quick delivery controls can not compare with the laser cutting system. Of course, auto cutter cutting can boost productivity by the multiple layer case and the ability to cut multi-layer materials; the application obviously would influence what exactly you need for which type of application.

Do We Really Need to Invest in Laser Cutting?

A company that doesn’t have a laser cutting machine generally subcontracts the work to one or several job shops with that capability. This scenario doesn’t involve a lot of risk and can work if you have some flexibility with lead times.

But there will come that time when you have to ask yourself if it is time for the company to bring laser cutting in-house. This has to be considered even if the business relationship with the subcontractor is great.

How do you know if it is the right time to own a laser cutting machine? Look at how much you are spending monthly for cut pieces. 

If the decision is made to bring laser cutting in-house, you may be put in a position where you need to justify why the investment needs to be made. The costs associated with subcontracting out the laser cutting are just the starting point for the justification. How much more productive will the manufacturing process be with in-house laser cutting? How does this affect lead times? From an expense standpoint, not only do you have the cost of the laser cutting machine, you have labor and consumable costs.

Figuring out these answers will give the management an idea about production savings and subsequent return on investment following the initial investment.

What Does It Mean to Control the Laser Cutting Process?

Other than monetary issues, when manufacturers offer reasons as to why they are looking at purchasing a laser cutting machine, they mention “control.” Ask yourself these questions to see if you fall into this category:

  • How many times have we lost business because of late delivery?
  • Have we ever had to reject parts because of poor quality?
  • How would it help our image if we had our own laser cutting capabilities?
  • Who Should We Buy the Laser Cutting Machine From?

As a buyer, you have numerous sources to purchase a laser cutting machine. Laser machine is not just a simple tools, ask also the questions about service availability in local. Today’s technology does not require as much maintenance, but when a machine goes down, you’ll want it back up and running as soon as possible. Also find out about local service supports availability and delivery. Again, be aware that laser cutting machines from well-known brands like Unikonex that are recognizable in the industry typically have higher resale values.

What Is the True Cost of Running the Equipment?

Unikonex laser machine with high reliability and availability for daily running, if with good weekly /Monthly maintenance, that only laser tube and reflective lens are the consumable parts as year spare parts.  

How Will We Finance the Purchase?

While some manufacturers pay cash for a laser, the majority use some method to finance the purchase. Don’t assume that your bank is the best source for funding the laser equipment purchase. Look at other alternatives, including the Brand’s local support company, maybe which own their own financing arms.

What Can Be Done to Make the Purchasing Decision Easier?

Answering these questions and obtaining quotes based on the feedback can be used to narrow down the selection of the supplier of a laser cutting machine to two to three sources. From there you need to find the right model, ask the right questions during equipment demonstrations, and work toward an acceptable price. Remember, there are many important items to discuss during the final negotiation.

The purchase of such a machine can be an overwhelming task. That’s why it might make sense to work with professional supplier vendor which with local agency or service provider, that will help you to network with manufacturing to learn from them, or even seek out the assistance of someone that has been through or is familiar with this type of industrial equipment purchase. Such an effort likely would prove to be worthwhile.